Adventures of Three Sisters, by Kathryn Cunningham

A few months back when I decided to start writing stories, my husband, who is a big Mac fan and loves technology in general, suggested that I write a story, have my daughter Abigail illustrate it, and publish it on iBooks.  We’ve been working on that project for a couple months, and it will be a couple more months before it is finished.  But I’m at the point where I have written, read, and revised the thing about a hundred times and I need more pairs of discerning eyes to tell me where it still needs to be improved.  So I will be posting it here, one chapter at a time, every Friday, and I would really, really appreciate it if you would read and tell me which parts you like, and more importantly, which parts need work.  I hope you enjoy it!


Chapter 1- Pirate Preparations

Abigail, Macaylie and Margaret were sisters, and they were the best of friends.  They were also great adventurers.  Abigail was smart, Macaylie was strong, and Margaret was brave.  They were an unbeatable team.

One afternoon when their dad was at work and their mom was folding laundry, Abigail exclaimed to her sisters, “Mateys, this be a fine day for a pirate adventure!”

So the sisters buckled their pirate swords around their wastes and tied their pirate scarves around their heads.  Since she was the oldest, Abigail got the captain’s hat.  Macaylie was first mate, and Margaret was the cook.  With these most important jobs assigned, the sisters turned to the task of outfitting their ship.

With sheets and blankets they rigged their bunk bed with sails.  The skull and crossbones flag was hung on the front, and an old steering wheel cover made the perfect helm.

“Arrrrr!!” they all growled, and leaped aboard.  Captain Abigail was at the helm, First Mate Macaylie was in the crow’s nest, and Cook Margaret was below in the galley.  Then, with a jolt and a shudder, their ship took off!  It flew right out the window and into the ocean that had appeared outside their house.

“Avast, ye scurvey dogs!” cried Captain Abigail.  “Let the search for the Lost Treasure begin!”

“Aye, aye, Cap’n!”

About childrensbooksonadime

I am mother to three spectacular daughters and wife to an amazing husband who is a disabled Army veteran. As a military wife for 7 years, I enjoyed traveling the world, and now that we are civilians again, I am excited to see where life will take us as my husband gets his MA and begins a new career. I love to read with my girls and on my own, sing, play & teach piano, and write children's stories. My blog is reviews of children's books I can find for under dollar and my goal is to start posting my own stories as soon as I get 100 followers. They're pretty great, so you should help me along by following. My dream is to see one of my stories published in a large and lovely picture book that will inspire the hearts and minds of the rising generation.
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4 Responses to Adventures of Three Sisters, by Kathryn Cunningham

  1. Anne (Hansen) Guzman says:

    Hey Katie!

    How fun! I love that your daughter will do the illustrations. I definitely wanted to keep reading! The only suggestion I have is that when the bed went out the window I was expecting some sort of reaction from the girls, either surprise, or else something showing that this is just a regular thing for them. Other than that it was great. Another thing to look forward to on Fridays! 🙂

  2. Susie R. says:

    ‘waists’ not ‘wastes’
    Fun story!

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