Adventures of Three Sisters, Chapter 5, by Kathryn Cunningham

Most of you know this, but in case there are any newcomers, this is a story I have written that my oldest daughter is illustrating.  We are going to publish it on iBooks as soon as we can get it ready, and I need some honest opinions before I put it out there.  So please, take a look, tell me what you think.  If you want to start from the beginning, go to the tab above.

ADVENTURES OF THREE SISTERS- PIRATE ADVENTURE                                          by Kathryn Cunningham

Chapter 5- Island of the Lost Treasure

When the leak was repaired and the storm was over, First Mate Macaylie came back aboard, put on some dry clothes, and took her place in the crow’s nest.  Her eyes strained to catch a glimpse of the Island of the Lost Treasure.

“I see it, I see it!  Oh, I mean, ahoy, avast, look, look!”  First Mate Macaylie nearly fell out of the crow’s nest, she was pointing so enthusiastically.  Captain Abigail had her spy glass in one hand and with the other, she steered the ship toward the dot on the horizon that was their island.  Cook Margaret gripped the side of the ship and leaned out as far as she dared, grinning fiercely and laughing.  All the pirates were nearly shaking with excitement and anticipation.

The wind was with them, and soon the dot became a speck, and the speck became a blob, and the blob became the clear outline of an island.  They sailed toward it the rest of the day and into the night, and when the moon glittered like a giant crystal ball on a bed of blue velvet, they dropped anchor off the coast of the Island of the Lost Treasure.

The first light of day saw the three sisters in the jolly boat, rowing steadily toward the shore.  When they hit the sand, they overturned the boat and carried it further inland, tying it up by the palm trees.  Then they began their search for the treasure.

“Step smart, mates!” ordered Captain Abigail.  “The Lost Treasure be close at hand, I feel it deep in me bones.”  They marched onward, pulled by instinct as all pirates are pulled when great treasure is nearby.  They tingled from the tips of their toes to the ends of their hair, and before too long they could all feel that they were almost there.

“Steady now, me hearties.  We know not what dangers await us, nor what dark powers guard the treasure.”  The crew nodded in agreement with their captain, and they tiptoed  forward until they stood in a clearing and beheld the most amazing thing they had ever seen.


About childrensbooksonadime

I am mother to three spectacular daughters and wife to an amazing husband who is a disabled Army veteran. As a military wife for 7 years, I enjoyed traveling the world, and now that we are civilians again, I am excited to see where life will take us as my husband gets his MA and begins a new career. I love to read with my girls and on my own, sing, play & teach piano, and write children's stories. My blog is reviews of children's books I can find for under dollar and my goal is to start posting my own stories as soon as I get 100 followers. They're pretty great, so you should help me along by following. My dream is to see one of my stories published in a large and lovely picture book that will inspire the hearts and minds of the rising generation.
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