Adventures of Three Sisters, Chapter 6, by Kathryn Cunningham

Here it is, the exciting conclusion!  The next time I post something about this story it will be to say that it is published and you can download it for free in all its glory.  Please read it and tell me what you like, and more importantly, what needs work.  If you want to start at the beginning, click the tab above.  Happy reading!

ADVENTURES OF THREE SISTERS- PIRATE ADVENTURE                                         by Kathryn Cunningham

Chapter 6- Guardians of the Lost Treasure

In the exact middle of the clearing was an enormous chest overflowing with treasure.  Glowing golden coins, sparkling precious gems, strings of milky white pearls, a mountain of wealth was contained in that chest.  The three pirates felt their hearts leap in their chests and their cheeks glow, so great was their desire for the booty.  But it was not theirs for the taking.

Guarding the treasure were two gigantic eagles.  Their talons were like spears, and they clawed the dirt, ready to strike anyone who got too close to the treasure.  Piercing, intelligent eyes watched them intently, daring them to take another step.  They tossed their heads impatiently, and their fierce hooked beaks snapped the air.  One gave a bone rattling screech and then everything went eerily still.  They all waited.

Captain Abigail and First Mate Macaylie looked at each other, their eyes questioning.  They had no idea what to do.  But Margaret was brave.  She raised her eyes and looked straight into the great golden eyes of the eagle closest to her.  She took a step forward.  The eagle cocked its head but never looked away.  Margaret took another step forward.  The eagle raised its talons to strike, but hesitated, the power of Margaret’s steady gaze holding it paralyzed in mid-air.  The second eagle let out another screech, but Margaret never flinched, blinked, or looked away from the first eagle.  She took another step forward.

Very slowly, the eagle lowered its talons, lowered its gaze, and backed away, overpowered by the strength of her courage.  Margaret walked steadily forward until she stood beside the treasure chest, and still she never stopped staring intently at the bird.  Suddenly, Margaret knew what magic power the skeleton heart had given her.

“Eagles,” she said, and she could tell by the way the eagles shook their wings and twisted their heads around to look at her that they understood what she was saying. “We are here for the treasure, and we are going to take it, but we will not hurt you.”

The other pirates heard only screeches in reply, but Margaret understood that they said, “Please do not take our treasure.  Look in the chest and you will see the treasure that is most precious to us.”

“Captain, look in the chest!” Margaret prompted, and Captain Abigail and First Mate Macaylie moved forward until they were also close to the treasure, so close that they could scoop it up and fill their pockets with it.  But they didn’t dare.  The eagles were still too close.

“Blimey, Captain!” exclaimed First Mate Macaylie.  “Look what’s in the treasure chest!”

Captain Abigail leaned forward to see and there, nestled in between a pile of coins and a stack of bracelets, was a nest with two giant golden eagle eggs.  Very slowly, very gently, Captain Abigail reached forward, lifted the nest, and handed it to Margaret.

Still gazing directly into the eagle’s sharp eyes, Margaret said, “Take your treasure, eagles.  We won’t steal your babies from you.”  She set the nest carefully on the ground at the feet of the first eagle and stood before it for a moment.

The eagle lowered its head until its eyes were looking directly into Margaret’s, then it tenderly touched its beak to her nose and whispered, “We were prisoners here.  It was our curse to guard this treasure until someone willingly returned our greatest treasure to us.  Thank you, we are free.”  With a tremendous flapping of wings and rushing of wind that nearly knocked the pirates off their feet, the eagles took off into the sky and soared away.  The nest was clutched gently in the claws of the second eagle.

Alone again, Captain Abigail, First Mate Macaylie, and Cook Margaret looked at the sky for a moment, then lowered their eyes to behold the Lost Treasure.  It was lost no more, it was their treasure, and they were the greatest pirates of all time.  With a whoop and a holler they threw themselves into the treasure chest.  It was so big, they could all fit in easily. They danced and swam and threw handfuls of gold up in the air in celebration.  They shouted “Arrrr” at the top of their lungs and sang all the songs they knew and were so drunk with happiness that they never stopped to wonder how they would get hundreds of pounds of treasure back to their ship.

As it turned out, they never did have to worry about that, because at that very moment, their dad came home from work and walked into their bedroom to say hello.  “Arrrrr!” they all growled, and leaped into his arms, knocking him to the floor in a giant bear hug.


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