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The Runaway Mummy, by Michael Rex

What will one loving Mother Mummy do to keep her own special, rotten little mummy from running away from home?  She’ll squeeze, tickle, shriek, and follow him from the highest mountaintop to the deepest ocean.  In this petrifying parody, no … Continue reading

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Ollie’s Halloween, by Olivier Dunrea

Little goslings love Halloween!  Silly costumes, yummy treats, and a whole mess of hooting, howling, and creeping around the farm make this a great holiday for these baby geese.  They have so much fun together on Halloween.  But little Ollie … Continue reading

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Kids Vs Cavities, by Peter Galante, illustrated by Felipe Kolb

Timmy LOVES his sweets, but he HATES to brush his teeth.  He hates brushing his teeth so much, that when his teeth get fed up with the neglect and hit the road one night, he is overjoyed.  Too bad he … Continue reading

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Sunday Baby, by Kathryn Cunningham

Well hello again, faithful readers!  You know, if you’re out there.  I have been taking a break to adjust to life with our new addition, who is that handsome devil up in the picture.  He is my fourth child, and … Continue reading

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