Review Policy

I will be reviewing children’s books that I can find for under a dollar.  I will start primarily with the Monterey Public Library and iBooks.  My goal is not to give negative reviews, but to experience and write about great stories we can all share with our kids without spending gazillions of dollars and overloading our bookshelves.  I hope it will make me a better writer and a better mother, and help some others find ways to live on a tight budget without sacrificing reading experiences that are so valuable for our kids.

Here are some of the online sites I have used so far:

We Give Books

Children’s Storybooks Online

If you have suggestions of books you would like me to review, or places online where I can find new books to review (under a dollar, of course), I would love, love, love to hear about it!

Happy Reading!  Kathryn Cunningham

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