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The First Thanksgiving, by Scholastic

Happy November, everybody!  What with children everywhere being in a comatose state from the Halloween sugar hangover and stores trying squeeze every Christmas spending cent out of consumers, I feel that Thanksgiving is getting a pretty bum deal these days. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Bread, by Florence Chen, The Friend Magazine

Little Ying is excited for the Thanksgiving feast at her class at school, and she can’t wait to see what kind of special bread her mother will make for her to share.  But the sight of the strange looking Chinese … Continue reading

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I Know and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, by Alison Jackson, illustrated by Judith Byron Schachner

Who doesn’t love having Grandma over to their house for a lovely Thanksgiving feast and get together?  And who doesn’t love watching Grandma stuff so much food down her gullet that she blows up to the size of a Macy’s … Continue reading

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Pardon That Turkey, by Susan Sloate, illustrated by Christian Slade

What do a turkey and a woman name Sarah Hale have in common?  Both the turkey and the woman would probably tell you that they have no idea, if the former hadn’t been roasted up for your Thanksgiving dinner, and … Continue reading

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